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How to Get Rich Writing

It’s a fog right now–out here between yesterday and tomorrow–trying to make a living

writing in the 21st century.

Looking to be a journalist?

Okay, listen closely: Hear that moaning? That’s print newspapers and magazines dying.

Want to be a novelist? Sounds like a plan–how many followers do your

blog/Instagram/Twitter/platform du jour have?

Maybe self-publishing is the way to go: Are you up to handling all the marketing and


Do you know the SEO buzzwords and hashtag of the day?

Man, I have been trying to be a successful writer forever. I never dreamed of being

another JK Rowling or Stephen King, just wanted to make a decent living.

So…I followed the path: Write. Craft query letters. Research editors and literary agents.

Years passed. Nothing worked out. I knew I had good writing to sell but I also understood that good writing wasn’t enough.

It’s all about getting to the right person at the right time. Kismet, I guess.

Kismet or blind fucking luck.

Between you and me I nearly drove myself mad with the trying and rejection and

girding my loins to try some more only for my efforts to fall flat.

And then I discovered a secret; a secret I will now share with you.

This world is bullshit. All this celebrity news and reality shows and corporate jobs–


Putting yourself in debt getting an education, learning corporate babble in a numbing


Whiten your teeth! Here’s a trick for great abs! Improve your credit score! Here’s the car

with all the gadgets you could be leasing today for no money down!!

Wait for it…bullshit.

But there is also a lot of beauty out there–some amazing stuff.

We are lucky being able to write or whatever art form you do.

Without selling a book or a painting or getting a recording contract we are wealthy.

Money is an illusion, a bunch of ones and zeros, smoke and mirrors–name your cliché.

Inspiration, now that’s some incredible stuff; the ability to make something.

Want to get rich writing? Give in to it. Don’t worry about making it marketable or fret

over your platform when you should be creating.

Only if you are true to yourself and follow your inspiration will you create anything


I am saying this as much to myself as I am saying it to you.


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