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Isn’t Creativity Amazing?

I’m going to be honest with you; I have days when I don’t enjoy my job. I don’t enjoy it and hey, while we’re being honest, all this gray weather and cold gets to me. When it does, I make a point to work on writing. Writing centers me, reminds me of my real job–maybe it’s the same with you whether you’re a writer, musician, painter, or whatever you do creatively. Isn’t being creative awesome? That feeling when a work of art is coming together is addictive, isn’t it?

This past month I have been reflecting on David Bowie, how visionary and artistic he was. It went beyond just being a musician and a songwriter. More recently, I read Terry Gilliam’s memoirs Gilliamesque. Gilliam is a living inspiration of mine; someone who goes with his visions even if it’s nearly impossible to get funding for them. He has been around long enough to understand how Hollywood really works, but he keeps on making the films he feels he needs to make. I’m glad he has never caved–where would we be without Brazil or 12 Monkeys or Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Do you feel awkward telling people about what you do artistically? I have felt that in the past but I’m working through it.
Why, I write books. Yes, I am both impoverished and pretentious!
How do you say that you finished a novel or a massive painting or an album without sounding pretentious? How do share these accomplishments without coming across stuck up or clinging to delusions of grandeur? I’m still working on that one. I finished a short novel a week ago and it’s good enough that I believe it will be the second book after Golden Bullet*. I was telling an acquaintance about it and she asked what I had done to celebrate. Celebrate? That one stumped me. It’s my job, to me a job well done and completed on schedule is reward enough for me. I’m curious what other artists do when they finish a big project–run around the house naked whipping their underwear around their head? Hey, I’ve completed projects so challenging they were definitely naked dance worthy.

This is my time today to write. In four hours, I have to be back at work. These four hours, however, I treasure; I am so grateful for the gift of creativity. Maybe it’s the same with you. I carry a small notebook with me for jotting down ideas. When I start feeling work get to me, I focus on the “current project”** and start brainstorming ideas for it. I am just grateful for having something to center me and remind me that there’s a lot more to life than my job. Creativity is amazing, and on that note, time to get back to work.

*Golden Bullet is a transgressive fiction novel I have for sale. More information is here: Golden Bullet by Izaak Diggs

** The book I am planning to be the third or forth book released, maybe in 2018 or ’19. It’s very involved, lots of notes and graphs and preparation. But, I am digging it; it’s like planning a battle or long road trip.


2 thoughts on “Isn’t Creativity Amazing?

  1. You make a lot of important points in your post, Izaak. It’s good to hear you treat your creativity seriously and make time for it. Your doing so means your creativity will continue to make time for you and yes, you should absolutely be celebrating the completion of your novel… Congrats!

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