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Reading Hemingway in a Kardashian World

Welcome to 2016, fellow writers, artists, and whatevers. There is sickly snow on the ground here in Portland, clinging to the cement and grass in shrinking patches. I have been turning my notes from my last trip through the desert into a book. Consequently, I have been missing bright sunlight and warmth. Nostalgia–what can you do?
Squinting in the distance to make the future seem closer–what can you do?

Do you ever feel like you’re reading Hemingway in a Kardashian world? Out of step, out of place–an alien hopefully searching the sky for a ride home?
Nope–me either.

My book Golden Bullet* has been out for three months now. I have been approaching newspapers in the hope of getting reviews. I have other plans for marketing and promoting the book, but this is not my forte. Some writers have a knack for this–foot in the door, big white smile plastered across face, easy patter–I am not one of them. But, this is part of the job of being a writer in the 21st century so I do it. Maybe you can relate. I am more of a Fauve, a wild beast, impulsive and instinctual, but I also want to do this for a living so….
Hello, how are you? I am a professional writer. I color within the lines. Look at how all these words and ideas fall into an upbeat, SEO series of rational statements. Do you have my business card? What do I need to do to get you in a new Kia today? Would you like that in a cornflower blue?

Welcome to 2016, I hope this year is full of happiness and fulfillment for you. 2016 will be the year of getting the follow up to Golden Bullet in shape. It won’t be “the travel book,” I need to take one more trip for material. The book I am thinking is quieter–Golden Bullet* is the loud, smart guy in the bar rattling off conspiracy theories and making you laugh with impersonations; PB2 (potential book two) is a mysterious individual appearing next to you at a party, subtlly hypnotizing you with their charisma and insights. PB2 is also very short for a novel: 42,000 words so…that is why it isn’t DB2 (definite book two).
I have twelve months to sort that out or decide on another book, there are three or four other potential projects.
I figure it will take two years for Golden Bullet* to build momentum and by the Summer of 2017 it will be time to begin working towards the release of PB2, whatever it is.

Keep writing, keep taking pictures, keep playing music, keep doing anything that makes you happy and feels right.


*Golden Bullet, available on Smashwords for four dollars. Four dollars, am I crazy to sell it so cheap?! No, but you’re crazy if you don’t check it out! Golden Bullet by Izaak Diggs






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