Size Matters

The Multnomah County Library is having a contest. You submit your novel and if it wins the contest the library features your book. I am seriously considering it. The way it works is you publish using Smashwords–you self-publish.
I am seriously considering it, but such an action has consequences.
A lot of publishers don’t want books that have already been published, self or otherwise.
The next few days I will be formatting the book to Smashword specifications and will decide by October 1st whether I will enter the contest or not.

I have been working on another story. I think it’s good work but it’s short: 36,000 words. I may be able to stretch it to 40,000 words but that is still barely a novel. I know the rules are changing with self-publishing but I am still unsure about having this new story as a “stand alone.” As all you writers know, 60,000 is generally the accepted minimum for a novel. I write short books, it’s unnatural for me to write anything over 50,000 words. I usually first draft well under that and embellish the better parts. We’re all different, aren’t we? All we can do is work with what we have, I guess.

Right now I am embellishing this 36,000 word story. I read it and more ideas come to me which makes the story that much longer. I don’t know how long I will keep working on it before moving on to the next thing.
What will that be? I have a long, involved project that I could pick up on–
Or I could write a Western.
That’s my problem, I don’t just write one thing. I write travel books and Transgressive fiction and Young Adult semi-supernatural stuff.
I want to do my own thing, I also want to be successful–I know you can’t have both.

Nothing big has happened but something is always happening. That’s the purpose of this blog post and maybe you can relate. Life is not comprised of a handful of big events, it’s a series of small events that maybe we aren’t even aware of but define us and continue to move our lives forward…


2 thoughts on “Size Matters

  1. I think you should definitely go for it, any exposure is great at this stage right? If it helps your following it can only help your chances of traditional publishing 🙂

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