Working Writers Unite

I just spent three hours writing roughly three-thousand words on the newest story.
It is currently at 15,000 words–(roughly 60 pages)–maybe a quarter of the way done.
Will it be a novel? A novella? I am not sure, I am just standing back and letting it happen.

Like many stories, this one has a Big Surprise. Rather than just come out with it at the end, I am revealing more and more of the surprise as the story goes along; clues to the narrator’s true identity and what makes them unlike the majority of people.
I can’t wait to share it with people but understand that is at least a couple of years away.
It will take weeks or even months to finish the first draft, and then months beyond that to complete at least two further drafts.
You know how it is.

If this ends up being a novel, it will be the second I have done in a certain theme–characters who possess a genetic anomaly. It’s not “fantastic” like the X-Men, I am trying to keep it as realistic as possible. It’s a concept I’ve had in my head for twenty years and am just now figuring out how to make it work.
If this ends up being a novel, I would like it to be the second book I put out.

I am still looking for an agent who will help me sell my “transgressive dystopian” novel. That manuscript is influenced by two of my favorite novels, American Psycho and Fight Club.* It is going to be a tough sell–both to an agent and then to a publisher–I have known that from the beginning.
It gets frustrating, though, I’m sure a lot of you understand this; having a project you believe in and people ignoring it or rejecting it.
It’s all part of the business, all you can do is shrug off your frustration and carry on.
So I do.

I need to get back to researching agents now. As all you writers out there know, it’s an involved process that often leads to dead ends. But, this is what we do so just do it, right?

Thank you for reading, Izk…

*It is also heavily influenced by reality television and what I see in politics. Also, I am surrounded by 20 year olds at work so I eavesdrop on them, as well. It fascinates me–as someone older–what it must be like to be 20 in this day and age.  That is another blog, though.


3 thoughts on “Working Writers Unite

  1. …reading this piece caused me to first say congratulations. The idea sounds like it already is amazing.. second just something I’ve been hearing more and more of lately:
    thoughts are things… the thoughts we think… the scenarios we build in our minds… the word choices we make like ‘difficult’, ‘hard’, ‘frustrating’ in relation to the process of creating our art, then (in the world of publishing anyway) dealing with said work’s rejection by the ‘professionals’. I guess what I’m (in a long-winded way) getting at is if we create our works from a place pleasure, from a place of childlike (20-somethings???) exploration and maintain that energy throughout, others may come to relate to both the energy behind the work and the final result sitting atop said work? In other words, when you see an agent (run! No. that’s ‘Matrix’) see him or her as ‘getting you vision’, see them as supporting your ideas and pushing you on to becoming the absolute best novelist you can become…

    …just a thought… or five…

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