Greetings from Right Here

No news to report, I just don’t want this blog to be like a ghost town:
A series of old buildings, the streets empty aside from the occasional tumbleweed.
There is still life in all the houses, the playing of a splintered piano in the bar down the street…

I am still looking for an agent for one of my finished manuscripts. As all of you who write know, it can be a long process. All you can do is research agents, continually polish (and personalize) your query letter, and press on.
So I do.

I am currently at work on a new project, just a few thousand words in. Fiction. A novel. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, I’ll work on essays about bands I like (namely, the Cure, but I have some other ones planned out).

Hopefully I will have something exciting or at least promising to share in the near future.

Until then, thank you for continuing to read my blog…


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