The Moment of Truth

I am a writer and this is my life. I have read about hash-tags and making things SEO optimal–I want this to be more than that.
Maybe you write or maybe you do music or paint or maybe you are just searching for meaning in the world.
Maybe it helps you or entertains you to read about someone else working to make a life “doing their own thing.”
Whatever the reason, I am glad that you are here.

The situation is this:
I have a book I cannot wait to share with the world. I was considering self-publishing it–got as far as formatting the manuscript–but then relented.
I want as many people as possible to read this book–not just for money or for fame, I just think it’s a really cool story.
And I do not feel I have the ability to take this book where it needs to go marketing/promotion wise.
So, I am seeking an agent to help me find a publisher.

The book is best described as transgressive-dystopian. It started with a story I wrote several years ago. It was a good story and I always wanted to do something with it.  The question was what–what do you do with an 8,000 word story?
My girlfriend suggested I “do a Pulp Fiction” to it, having the original story “retold” by four other people, weaving in their perspectives.
I did that, and now my 8,000 word story was around 30,000 words.
A novella.
What the hell do you do with a novella?

I had another story that I had written on trains and buses when exploring Portland in early 2012.
I always liked the story and decided to work on it late last year.
Reading it, I understood that the story–(with a little tweaking)–was an excellent sequel to the 30,000 word manuscript I had.
Okay, now we’re at 43,000 words–
It was now a novel. A very short novel.

I came up with an idea that was a sequel to the sequel and wrote and edited it in a feverish three days.
The final count was 47,000 words.
It was a great story, one I believe in and look forward to people reading–
But I knew 47,000 words was too short.
The rule of thumb for a novel is usually 60-80,000 words.
I furrowed my brow. I turned the manuscript over and over in my hands. I tried to come up with a solution.

A couple of weeks ago, an idea crashed into my mind: A prequel. I needed to tell the story that leads to the first story.
I have spent the past couple of weeks writing and editing like I have written and edited few times in my life.
And now the manuscript totals 60,000 words.
S***, that’s it. I actually whispered that to myself as I finished.
The book is done, really done.
And I cannot wait to share it with you.

So, the search for an agent begins. Who knows how long it will take.
I have the next project mapped out, but I am giving myself a couple of days to chill out.
Like I said, I just completed an insane writing and editing marathon–my brain is tapioca right now.
Of course, maybe it always is.
This is where I give you a knowing smile and a spoon, my love.
Wish me luck.
Thank you for being here, talk to you soon.


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