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Empires of the Mind

I just wrote an article on current and future water issues in the metropolitan areas of the Southwestern United States.  I may never submit it to a magazine; in fact, maybe no one else will ever read it, but I still needed to write it.  If I am going to write about the desert I need to understand about the most pressing issue in those regions:  Water.  Even in small towns like Amboy it’s an issue and in Phoenix and Los Angeles it is even a bigger challenge.  So, I wrote it and maybe in researching it I learned a little more.  Maybe the idea of water issues in the Southwest has been beaten to death but I still felt the need to write on it. I have no idea what I was expecting to create but I feel I’m just covering the same stuff lots of other people have already covered.

The title of the article is Living in a Mirage.  You look at those cities the people who ran them a hundred of so years ago and you see all these grandiose plans and dreams.  They were visionaries, they truly were, but not all visions should be played out. Obviously that’s a loaded thing to say–think of the cultural impact Los Angeles has had on this country or Las Vegas.  Phoenix is just a vast city.  In those three areas there are over twenty million people–what is going to happen to those people in the coming decades?  It fascinates me and makes me a little scared for them, a little scared for all of us because it affects all of us.  Los Angeles depends on water from Northern California which is where the majority of my loved ones live.  I also have friends in Phoenix.  Maybe you know people in one of those three cities; when you consider the total population the odds are good.

I have a couple of leads on magazines that might be a good fit for what I write.  My method is to check out what articles they’ve published and either see if it is naturally a good match or if I can alter my own style to fit them.  I need to publish more articles, build my resume and my “brand,” and get more paying gigs.  I am also looking for places to publish fiction.  Will that screw things up?  Will it confuse people if I do both fiction and non-fiction?  In my heart I believe I can do it.  I mean, I believe in fate and that if the drive to do things is strong enough it is our destiny.  So, I go with it; I travel the empires of my mind and if I see something good along the way, I pick it up and bring it home.


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