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Making My Own Destiny

On February 17th we will leave on a two-week adventure:  Two weeks, three thousand miles, and at least four states. As I enter the last three weeks of preparation I am struggling with various obstacles I face.  Money is a big one, paying for two weeks of motels and rental cars and gas–this is why I have been raising money.  I am spending most of my savings to make this trip a reality and, believe me, I wrestle with that.  I wrestle with it but I understand it is something I have to do.  No magazine editor or book publisher is going to hand me a check for $1500, I have to make my own destiny.  When we get back I will take my notes from the road and construct it into the first section of the book and then I will have something to show publishers and editors.  Right now it’s just an idea, an abstract; in about two months I will have the real deal.  First, though, I have to bet nearly everything I have on my vision and skill.  It’s scary, but if I don’t then how can I expect anyone else to?


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