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Deeper Into the Wasteland

Got another donation yesterday.  It’s exciting getting closer to my goal of buying a used vehicle so I can make The Wasteland a reality.

(Recap, here is my fundraising site: )

I just finished planning the fourth trip or chapter that will comprise The Wasteland.  Ghost towns and gravel roads and lost valleys—can’t wait.  Planning this book I have to ask myself “Who will be into this book?  How many people are curious about the desert?” Honestly, I look around and I see a lot of harried people who want to get away from their jobs and their suburbs etc.  Stress makes us want to escape.  Man is a curious animal always wandering/always wondering what’s around the corner or down that road they haven’t taken.  Those two reasons alone make me believe The Wasteland is viable.  Beyond that, I would write this book just for the sake of writing it; I feel I have to write it, that it is something I am meant to create.  I spread my maps out on the bed and let all the faint lines and mysterious monuments inspire me.

I considered having a soundtrack for each trip.   I’d put a favorite album like Dark Side of the Moon or Strangeways, Here We Come or Abbey Road on my iPod and play it on a loop for the entire trip. It could happen but I am playing it by ear.  I am figuring out basic routes for each trip, but I am going to remain flexible.

Stay tuned for more developments…

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