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7,700 Words So Far/Thank You for Reading

Hit the 7,700 word mark on the rough draft on my book about the deserts west of the Rocky Mountains.  I am aiming for a total of 60,000 words but it could go beyond that.  Look for a publisher?  Publish it myself?  That is to be decided later, but not too much later.  To recap:  … Continue reading

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Mozart’s Fortepiano, Kubrick’s Camera

My goal is to make $100 million dollars and, whenever I release a book, for it to be one of the “top ten books” of that year.  Those goals, of course, are ridiculous.  In truth I don’t care about ever getting rich or being on some arbitrary list but the spirit is there.  Making a … Continue reading

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It is People Like You That Make This Possible

After too many years of not treating writing as my job, I am correcting that mistake.  Starting now, all the time I would spend commuting and working in offices I will be spending (and more) writing, editing, proofreading, and researching.  I will continue to work for other people, but only in my field–my real field. … Continue reading